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Water Ingress and Damage

Water Ingress and Damage Remediation & Restoration in Melbourne

Water is the enemy of all buildings. Whether due to poor construction or design, or the passage of time, water ingress is a risk to the health of every building.

In many instances the signs of water damage are obvious with the staining of walls and damage to the infrastructure of the building, such as rotting timbers or concrete spalling. However, the real risk is the unsure damage done by water to the internal structure of a building and the creation of black mould that is a health risk to tenants.

At PASG Projects we understand the risks posed by water and where to look to identify problems. We use 3D Imaging to identify how water can enter a building through the roof or façade. Our Artificial Intelligence accurately identifies any defects or faults that are causing water ingress and provide proper water damage remediation services. Common issues of concern are:

  • Failing water membranes on roofs
  • Planter boxes
  • Windows and their frames
  • Tiled balconies, hobs and courtyards
  • Skylights and parapets
  • Roofing holes and screws, flashing and overflow drains
With our team of waterproofing specialists and the PASG Remediation Process, we are able to fully assess all types of water damage and provide a complete service to remediate these problems.

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