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Combustible Cladding
Combustible Cladding
PASG Projects is one of Australia’s leading project management experts in delivering combustible cladding rectification projects.

PASG Projects can help guide the process to engage the right consultants and tender to the right contractors whether the committee’s aim is for partial retention or full removal of the cladding.

We understand the most cost-effective process to remove the combustible cladding and replace with a non-combustible alternative with the ultimate goal of removing the building notice or building order.

A façade audit, which includes 3D Imaging and AI as part of the cladding program, will often identify other building faults that need to be addressed, such as water ingress. We have experience in delivering complex projects that involve multiple remediation initiatives.

If you need to plan your budget before you can hire cladding contractors for rectifying the imperfections or proceed with the remedial repairs, book an appointment with us. Our expert suggestions will help you accomplish your objectives in a timely and cost effective fashion.

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