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Complex Remedial Project for Common Areas
Building Issues – Water Ingress, Structural Damage and Combustible Cladding
A seven year old building with significant water and structural damage. In addition, the building was fitted combustible cladding which had to be removed.

PASG Projects Analysis and Scope of Project

PASG Projects implemented our detailed inspection process and identified the following issues:

  • Significant damage to the building’s common areas due to major water leaks.
  • Concrete spalling (concrete falling from the façade of the building)
  • Waterproofing membrane on roof had failed
  • Window seals had failed
  • Essential services maintenance issues
  • Combustible cladding
A key challenge was identifying the extent of the water leaks into the building.

PASG Projects Role

This was a complex remedial project given the range of issues, the need for a coordinated approach to fixing the building, and the range of contractors and specialist consultants engaged. PASG Projects was appointed to oversee the total project with responsibility for tendering the works to suitably qualified contractors.

PASG Projects tendered and oversaw a full façade audit to review of every window and the multiple roof membranes. We formed a scope of works and competitively tendered this project. The appointed contractor undertook the works over three months with minimal impact on residents.

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