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PASG Projects provides face-to-face presentations for strata manager teams, owners committees and building owners. The presentations are educational with the objective of explaining the process for remediating each type of defect and assisting each stakeholder to avoid the many traps and mistakes that delay projects or cause them to incur unnecessary costs.

Presentation topics for strata managers/ building owners:

  • Common Building Defects Costing Strata Managers Time and Money
  • Understanding the Building Remediation Process
  • Making Buildings Safe for Tenants and Residents
Presentation topics for owners committees:
  • The Hidden Dangers in Apartment Buildings
  • How Façade Audits and Building Inspections Save Owners Money
  • Defect specific topics include:
    • Combustible cladding
    • Water ingress and damage
    • Structural damage in buildings
  • Upgrading a building topics include
  • Upgrading common areas
  • Electric vehicle charging stations and infrastructure
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