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Façade Audit
Façade Audit
A façade audit is conducted to identify any defects in a building’s exterior. A highly accurate assessment of the façade and the roof is achieved using drone based 3D Imaging with an AI assessment. Over time a building’s façade can be damaged or weakened due to weather, pollution, and the passage of time.

A primary example of the need for a façade audit is for cladding that may be combustible and needs to be replaced. A façade audit also identifies if there are any other underlying issues to be addressed, such as water damage or concrete spalling.

Once a façade audit is completed, a remediation plan can be implemented to rectify the underlying issues.

We recommend to have a façade audit at least every 3 to 5 years to ensure the exterior of the building is protecting its structure. An audit can identify issues, such as water ingress, that otherwise undetected, can cause significant structural damage to a building.

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