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Remediation Guide
The Ultimate Guide to Remediate Defective Buildings is full of educational content and insights to assist strata managers, building managers and owner corporation committees to fully understand the issues and remedies for defects in apartment and commercial buildings.

The Guide is written by Sam Hogg, the founder and Director of PASG Projects, who is an expert in project managing the assessment and remediation of building defects. Sam wrote the book so all stakeholders can learn how to reduce the costs and hassles of fixing buildings.

The materials in the Guide are taken based on the feedback Sam and his team have received from thousands of meetings and discussions with strata managers, owner committees, contractors, consultants, and other stakeholders.

Get your copy to understand:

  • How Strata and building managers can resolve building defects in the most time and cost efficient manner.
  • The building remediation process.
  • The role of project managers as a partner in working with owners committees.
  • How façade audits and building inspections are great investments for avoiding structural damage.
  • What to look out for when visiting a building to identify defects.
Examples and case studies are included based on our practical experiences of remediating buildings. These range from issues as building ages through to removing combustible cladding and complex projects fixing multiple structural problems.

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