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3D Imaging and AI

3D Imaging and AI
From September 2023, PASG Projects implemented the latest 3D imaging and Lidar technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to obtain more detailed and accurate data on the state of buildings and their defects.

Our experienced project managers and specialist consultants and contractors use this technology to fully scope the works required to optimise the remediation of buildings in the most cost effective manner. This approach ensures building defects are accurately measured and understood in terms of scope and severity.

The benefits of 3D imaging with AI analysis for project managing building remediation are:
  • Lower remediation costs for owners – greater accuracy in assessing the underlying defects for remediation means contractors and consultants do not have to price in a risk premium for their services. The need for pricing variations is significantly reduced.
  • Accurate measurements – Highly accurate measurements and tagging of individual defects:
    • Our imaging meets international standards of 99% for accurate and exportable measurements.
    • This reduces latent conditions, i.e., the ‘hidden’ defects that can go unnoticed with visual inspections. The scoping of projects is more accurate.
  • No need for initial physical inspection – significant cost and time saving with the use of labour:
    • Do not require physical presence and avoid additional costs such as, abseiling equipment, OH&S resourcing and on-site assessments.
  • AI Technology – for identifying, understanding and tagging defects:
    • Reduces the potential of human error, particularly when working of roofs and hard to reach spaces.
    • Creates a database of accurate data against which future inspections can benchmark.
    • Assists project managers with scoping the remediation of the roof and advising consultants and contractors.
  • Higher quality analysis of detects – underlying defects are more accurately diagnosed. This ensures that both unnecessary works are not undertaken due to a misdiagnosis, and serious defects are identified earlier.
  • Better communication – with all stakeholders:
    • Higher quality information with exact measurements.
    • Faster reporting with the defects report ready within 7 business days from the order.
    • Easier for Strata Managers to convey the issues with defects and the approach to their remediation.
  • Better resource allocation – AI software assists in guiding contractors and consultants with the materials and labour required.
  • Effective project management – imaging and AI data is used by project managers in producing the scope of works, tenders and instructions for consultants and contractors.
  • Final sign-off of remediation works – as part of the final Defect Liability Period review for major structural works.
  • Better outcomes – this data driven approach ensures projects are able to be delivered on time and within budget.
The 3D imaging is sourced from sophisticated drones and Lidar (laser imaging, detection, and ranging) equipment, to produce highly detailed and accurate digital representations of both physical and functional attributes of a building. Artificial Intelligence software filters images to provide detailed analysis and reporting to identify defects and provide a wealth of data on the building.

The attached image illustrates the benefits of 3D imaging, Lidar measurements, and Artificial Intelligence software being applied to the roof of a building that has multiple faults.

Click here to obtain a PDF download of the case study

In addition to being used for assessing roofing, the 3D imaging service and AI can be applied to the facades of buildings and their interiors.
Non-remediation 3D imaging
The 3D Imaging service is also available for non-remediation purposes, for building owners and facility managers seeking to have a detailed assessment on the health of their building.

This is part of the PASG building inspection service and is often used to establish a benchmark against which future deterioration can be measured, for insurability, and after a severe weather event.

To find out more about the PASG 3D Imaging service and how it assists strata, building and facility managers to better protect and remediate buildings, call 1300 167 796.

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