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Strata Manager Resources
Strata Manager Resources
PASG Projects is committed to providing quality educational presentations and materials for strata managers and owners committees.

We understand the pressures on strata managers when handling the time consuming tasks of ensuring a building is safe and its defects are resolved in a timely and cost efficient manner.

The educational materials and updates we provide are:

Our goal is to provide strata managers with the tools that:
  • Save them time and money
  • Help them to work better with owners committees
  • Have a better understanding of the building remediation process
  • Have materials, e.g., case studies, they can share with owners committees, tenants and residents
The actions you can take are to gain access to our materials are:
  • Subscribe to our email service
  • Call 1300 167 796 to discuss an educational presentation.
  • Download our eBook
  • Connect with Sam on LinkedIn

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