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Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure & Stations
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure & Stations
The Owner’s Committee had started the process of ‘future proofing’ their building by installing private electric vehicle charging stations and the accompanying infrastructure. They obtained two quotes for this project but felt the quoted prices were excessive and wanted to ensure they had fully considered the infrastructure requirements.

PASG Projects were engaged to review the current quotes, obtain a third quote, and make recommendations to the Owner’s Committee on the infrastructure required and the best solution for meeting their needs.

PASG Projects Analysis and Scope of Project

PASG Projects implemented their thorough review process and identified the following issues:

  • The two original quotes were significantly different for the scope of the contracted work to be completed. This was not a comparison of apples with apples.
  • The Owner’s Committee had not fully understood the functionality and infrastructure requirements.
  • The Owner’s Committee had not considered a fire engineering assessment.
PASG Projects’ Role

PASG Projects were tasked with project managing the implementation of the electric vehicle charging stations for each carpark in the basement and upgrading the building’s infrastructure to safely deliver this service. PASG Projects undertook the following:

  • A detailed review of the existing infrastructure.
  • Identified the required upgrades and best solution for the load and billing management systems that would be appropriate for the building.
  • Subsequently tendered these works, appointed a contractor and acted as superintendent throughout the installation.
The Owner’s Committee wanted the functionality for each carparking space to have a charger that would only bill the resident at the end of the month as a line item on their electricity bill. The building had an embedded network, so PASG Projects worked with their network provider to see if this was possible.

Once we understood it was, we worked with different contractors to ensure this could be achieved. We identified two providers who could deliver the required services, but both were very expensive with installing the infrastructure.

Our approach was to split the project into two separate components:

  • Infrastructure
  • Load management and billing system
We ensured the additional infrastructure and charging stations were fully compliant, safe, and installed in accordance with the agreed plans. The result was the client achieved the functionality they required with a 60% reduction in the cost they were originally quoted to pay.

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