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Insurance Projects
Insurance Projects
Insurance plays a key role in fixing building faults, funding the repairs resulting from accidents and natural events, and in the remediation of building faults.

PASG Projects works with all stakeholders to assist with the insurability of buildings, ensuring the most effective use of the insurance payouts for repairs, and ensuring the most cost effective quotes are obtained for works.

Our focus is to optimise the benefits of insurance payouts to deliver cost effective solutions that deliver long-term fixes.

  • Insurance Companies and Loss Adjusters
    For insurance companies and loss adjustors, PASG Projects provides a thorough process for the assessment and pricing of remediation works. Our experience in fixing buildings and having access to highly qualified consultants and experienced contractors ensures we are to price remediation projects and insurance works, so they represent value for all parties.
  • Insurance Cover for Defective Buildings
    A frustration for many Owner Corporation Committees is their building not being insurable due to existing faults or issues. PASG Projects is often able to conduct a thorough building assessment and provide a remediation plan to fix a building, so it is insurable.
  • Insurance Payouts to Owner Corporation Committees
    For Owner Corporation Committees who receive an insurance payout, PASG Projects provides its proprietary remediation process to ensure owners receive high quality works at the most cost effective price. We oversee 100% of the project to keep the OC fully informed of progress and all consultants and contractors accountable.
To find out more about our insurance projects, call 1300 167 796 or email info@pasg.com.au.