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Building Defects Inspection Sydney
Residential Building Defects

Reliable Residential Building Defects Inspection in Sydney

Your home is your prized possession, to start with. It is said that it’s the next best thing to have in life, after a family. Thus, you need to ensure that it is in the pink of its health and glory at any given point in time.

The reason being, any structural or other defect, if left unnoticed and unaddressed for long, will invariably snowball into a pretty large issue. It will compel you to shell out a hefty amount out of your pocket to get fixed. That is why timely residential building defect inspection matters so much for a homeowner. And then again, only the best in the business should be summoned.

If you are a Sydney home owner looking for a service that offers timely residential building inspections, your search should not go beyond PASG Projects. With some of the most skilled and competent professionals at our disposal and over 25 years of experience, we are your one-stop solution, offering top-quality building defects inspections in Sydney.

Building Defects Inspection

What Makes Our Building Defects Inspections Near Sydney So Unique?

All our professionals are not only qualified and experienced; they are also highly trained to deliver the best results. The following qualities make them among the best you can hire in Sydney:
  • Crystal-clear communication skills
  • A detail-oriented approach
  • Ability to reason and solve problems
  • Ability to manage people, time, and things
  • Ability to work with people
  • Ability to perceive and visualise
  • Ability to multitask
  • Friendly, prompt, and professional approach
  • Quick TAT in regards to report generation
Besides, when you put your stakes in us, you are privileged, as all our experts who are into residential building defects inspection in Sydney are locals. Thus, they have sound knowledge about the local rules and regulations about real estate and their renovation, if needed to fix the defects.
 Building Defects

When Should You Hire Us for Your Building Defects Inspection?

  • When you’ve observed damage that requires upkeep, such as a leaky roof, a floor that bounces, or fractures in the masonry.
  • When the appearance of your outdoor features has turned shaky and raises questions about safety.
  • If your energy costs are excessive and it appears that your home’s insulation may be inadequate.
  • If you see excessive condensation or water leaks near windows or skirting.
  • If you notice loose wall lining and cladding, it may indicate that the fastening instructions haven’t been followed.
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Call us to set up an appointment with our inspectors. You can also write to us at info@pasg.com.au to learn more about our building defects inspection service or to get a free online quote.

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