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Building Defects Remediation & Rectification Sydney
Building Defects Remediation

Residential Building Defects Rectification & Remediation in Sydney

Defects in the building can hamper the buying and selling process. So, curing these issues is paramount. However, if detecting and removing them seems cumbersome, PASG Projects has got you covered. We carry out building defects remediation in Sydney where we not only address the defects but also eliminate them stepwise.

Some of the defects that we detect and remove include structural flaws and cosmetic flaws. Besides, we find other remediation solutions that encompass safety and longevity of buildings. Thus, if you are looking for professionals in this domain, we are here for you.

Remedial Building Services

Apartment Building Defects Remediation in Sydney

There can be countless defects in an apartment. Therefore, addressing the same and finding the right solution can be a huge challenge to constructors. This is where we come into play. In our apartment building defects remediation in Sydney service, our teams carefully find out the flaws and strategise their cure methodically. This includes the most-needed repairs using the right tools and techniques.

Remedial Building Services

Building Defects Rectification & Remediation in Sydney

If you are a homeowner and have spotted building defects that you think will make the selling-process difficult, it’s time to opt for the residential building defects rectification & remediation in Sydney service. Right after you give us a call, our professionals will reach your place and perform a diagnosis of the defects. After they have identified the same, they will commence the rectification and remediation process.

Our professionals will develop a correction plan to make the building remediation in Sydney flawless. They will also ensure satisfactory results that will enable you to sell your property without facing hassles.

To know more about our remedial building services in Sydney or how we remove defects from properties, reach out to us now.

Remedial Concrete Repairs

Building Defects Rectification and Reporting in Sydney

Does your building have leaks or structural issues and you don’t know where to start? We are specialists in identifying building defects and the rectification of those defects in Sydney. If you have received a Building Notice (show cause notice) or Building Order from the VBA or local council, we can take you through a step by step process to respond and repair where required.

We are the experts in delivering combustible cladding remediation projects after delivering high rise residential and commercial cladding remediation projects through to 3 storey suburban apartment complex projects in both Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) and Expanded Polystyrene (ACP).

PASG Projects have over 25 years’ experience in construction, repairing buildings and rectifying defects.

Remedial Building Services

Meticulous Building Defects Rectifications in Sydney

Our Sydney building defects rectifications service comprises inspections and methods of fixing
  • Combustible cladding
  • Waterproof membranes
  • Tile areas and balconies
  • Structural issues
  • Balustrades
  • Concrete spalling and facade defects
  • Driveway cracks
  • Leakages in roofs
  • Other areas
We look for the mentioned inconsistencies in your building while carrying out the inspections so that you can perfect your strata and avoid getting the notice.

Our Building Defects Rectification and Remediation Services

When it comes to Sydney building defects remediation, we specialise in:
  • Thorough building inspections and detailed reporting
  • On-time reporting with cost estimates for building rectifications
  • 25 years of experience in construction and working with strata managers, building managers and facilities managers
  • Consultation on how the issues can be rectified.
So, if you are planning to get a defect report, get in touch now.
Remediation service

Fast and Detailed Building Defects Reporting in Sydney

Our Sydney building defects reporting is fast and detailed. You will quickly understand the structural, waterproofing and services issues that your building has. We engage the right consultants where necessary to review the building’s services and essential services maintenance. We will then put together a maintenance plan or project management plan to address the issues.

In the inspection report, you will not only find the defects but also the best methods of rectification with an estimate of the costs to rectify.

Building Defects

Why Choose Our Building Defects Remediation and Rectification Services?

PASG Projects is the ideal company when it comes to building defects remediation and rectifications since:
  • We provide correct defect remedial solutions for homes and apartments
  • We offer time to time reports regarding how defects can be eliminated
  • Our professionals examine building defects and then develop rectification strategies
  • We safely remediate building defects while taking the necessary safety precautions
We can provide you with the consultation regarding how you can cure building issues. You will need to call us and give us a few details so that we can draft a plan.

Are you a reliable company offering building remediation in Sydney?

Yes, we have the necessary skills and certifications. Besides, we have been performing residential and apartment remediations in Sydney for 25 years. So, you can put your trust in us.

How to avoid getting a Building Notice or a Building Order?

It is quite easy. All you need to do is use the right materials during the construction process. Similarly, if your building is old, you need to get it checked by us and get the defects removed.

How long does it take you to inspect buildings?

It entirely depends on the size of buildings. It takes more time to inspect apartments than the residential ones due to their structure.

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