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Remedial Concrete Repairs Gold Coast
Remedial Concrete

Best Remedial Concrete Repairs in Gold Coast

The last thing you want to happen to your house is for the concrete to spall or crack, especially if it’s the exterior walls. Apart from ruining the look and feel of your property, it ought to be dangerous as well as hazardous. Therefore, you need to work with trustworthy concrete remedial and repair professionals as soon as you notice problems with your concrete structure.

PASG Projects is the most reputable company to work with if you’re on the Gold Coast. We have years of expertise, access to some of the most skilled and knowledgeable specialists, state-of-the-art equipment, and cutting-edge technology, making us the most reputable company for faultless remedial concrete repairs in Gold Coast.

Remedial Concrete Repairs

Our Remedial Concrete Repairs in Gold Coast Are Second to None in Perfection

We have over 25 years of extensive industry experience, in-depth practical skills, and strong ties with leading manufacturers and suppliers of products. This guarantees that we use nothing but the best materials and techniques for our Gold Coast remedial concrete repairs on a variety of properties of various styles and ages.
Remedial Concrete

What is Included in Our Remedial Concrete Repairs in Gold Coast?

Our remedial concrete repairs in Gold Coast generally include:
  • Investigation
  • Demolition and removal of spalled concrete
  • Cracks, leaks, and joint repairs
  • Void and concrete crack injection
  • Protective coatings
  • Leak and render repairs
  • Concrete cutting and grinding
  • Structural grouting
  • Replacement of steel reinforcement
With such a wide gamut of repairs and remedial expertise, you enjoy a one-stop solution when you turn to our Gold Coast remedial concrete repairs.
Remedial Concrete Repairs

Some Obvious Signs That Indicate a Fault in Your Concrete Structure

There are some telltale signs that should prompt you to take immediate action to save your concrete. They include:
  • Crazing and efflorescence
  • Concrete leaks and rust stains
  • Spalling and cracking
  • Blistering or bubbling (also called plating) of concrete render
  • Concrete spalling is mostly caused by structural factors like building movement or the accumulation of rust within the structure.
  • Delamination and flaking
  • Uneven surface or movement within the substrate
  • Drummy concrete (This happens when air gets trapped behind concrete, causing it to delaminate or get split into layers, though it looks all right apparently, at least initially.)
With such a wide gamut of repairs and remedial expertise, we ought to be your one-stop Gold Coast remedial concrete repair company.
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