Head Office, Level 1, 71 Queens Road, Melbourne
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East Melbourne Apartments
PASG were tasked with installing the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging to each carpark in the basement. The brief was to future proof the building. We undertook a detailed review of the existing infrastructure, the required upgrades, the suitable solution and importantly the load and billing management systems that would be appropriate for the building. We subsequently tendered these works, appointed a contractor and acted as superintendent throughout the installation.
A’Beckett St, Melbourne
E-Cable replacement over 26 floors. This building had been fitted throughout with E-Cables which have been recalled throughout Australia due to a manufacturing fault. This complex project involved installation of new cabling before removal of the old cabling floor by floor to ensure residents were not overly affected by power shutdowns.
St Kilda Rd Building
Complex remedial project which involved the remediation of the common areas including some areas where major water leaks have been found, failing windows, concrete spalling and essential services maintenance issues. PASG tendered these works to suitably qualified contractor and undertook the remedial works without the residents being impacted.
Queen St, Melbourne
This project had reached the end of its 12 month defect liability period. PASG undertook a defects inspection of the building so the head contractor could undertake the necessary remediation works. A significant number of defects and non-compliant items were found. These defects are now being attended to by the head contractor. The result was that the owners corporation could have faith that the building is in the best possible condition at the 12 month mark.
PASG is currently acting as Superintendent with the Contractor remediating the entire building’s frame which has rotted through, removing the black mould, re-membraning and tiling the balconies. Once this is complete we are replacing the combustible cladding on the entire building with a non-combustible alternative.
Melbourne Apartment Cladding Replacement
This building has very limited access which has caused us to be innovative in the manner in which the cladding is accessed and disposed of. The combustible cladding is located on the 12th and 13th floors on a building where roads are busy and small with little ability for road shutdowns and craneage.
Malvern Apartment Building
Unfortunately for this apartment building, the original builder went into liquidation before it was completed. The standard of finish has been poor and the OC has been left with a number of safety and compliance issues to deal with. PASG are working with the OC to ensure all defect and non-compliant safety issues are rectified.